Technology Solutions

Jaggery Processing Plant

Processing capacity: 5 TCD (ton sugarcane crushing per day)

Jaggery produced: 500 kg /day

Processing area: 1000 sq. ft shed (25 ft x 40 ft)

Number of people: 4-5 people / shift

Jaggery processing in India

India has a tradition of processing sugarcane using small processing plants for manufacturing of unrefined sugar known as jaggery. As jaggery is an unrefined product, it retains its minerals like Iron, Calcium and Potassium and provides a healthy sweetener which is a substitute for refined sugar. The traditional jaggery processing plants have rudimentary and primitive plant design and operation. This leads to unhygienic processing and use of chemical additives. A process expert is required to manage and control the jaggery processing operations. The labor working in such plants are exposed to harsh working conditions and drudgery due to manual and continuous mixing, filtering and transferring liquids from one pan to another at high temperature. The evaporation furnace has low thermal efficiency leading to use of plastic, tyres, and other combustible waste.

Our solution

SARVAAY Solutions have developed a patented technology solution as Resource Efficient Jaggery Processing (REJP) plant. Our solution is a credible option for sugarcane farmers for improving their livelihood through entrepreneurial opportunity. The plant creates respectable local employment with improved working conditions which reduce drudgery (physical work) and exposure to high temperature. The plant has scientific controls and operating parameters which enhances the operational safety. The energy efficient operation discourages use of toxic combustible waste like used tyres and plastic.

Plant key benefits

Discipline of industry – measured, predictable, logical and scientific process management (no gut-feel based decision making)

Manageable operation – with adequate training to start operations even without the jaggery expert

Labor productivity – ergonomic design and automation provides higher labor productivity

Compact and packaged solution – reduced plant footprint and installation period

Strong business case – consistent, superior quality and chemical additive free produce which fetches higher market price