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Hybrid Dryer

Processing capacity: 250-300 kg moisture removal / day ( example : 400 kg of raw onion per day)

Plant output : 60-70 kg dry onion /day

Processing area: 600 sq. ft shed

Number of people: 2 people / shift

SARVAAY solutions has developed a Resource Efficient Vegetable Dryer (REVD) technology. This is an industrial grade cabinet dryer useful for on-farm drying. The rated capacity of dryer is 250-300 kg moisture evaporation / day (24 hr). However, the drying time for the vegetable generally depends on initial moisture, final moisture, moisture release characteristic of drying material and ambient conditions.

REVD technology operates on biomass/ farm residue as a heat source for combustion. The heat released form the biomass combustion is supplied to a working fluid; the working fluid is passed through a hot air generating heat exchanger to generate hot air at 50-70 °C. The hot air is passed through draying cabinet to dry vegetable/fruits placed in the drying trays. The footprint required for the drying cabinet is 150 sq. ft. (15 ft x 10 ft) and it will be installed in 600 sq. ft. shed (30 ft x 20 ft). The plant connected load 1 kW single phase. The REVD plant schematic and pictures of actual installation are presented below.



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