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E. F. Schumacher on Pounds 100 Technology

‘If we define the level of technology in terms of ‘equipment cost per workplace’, we can call the indigenous technology of a typical developing country — symbolically speaking — a Pounds l -technology, while that of the developed countries could be called a Pounds 1,000- technology. The gap between these two technologies is so enormous that a transition from the one to the other is simply impossible. In fact, the current attempt of the developing countries to infiltrate the Pounds 1,000-technoIogy into their economies inevitably kills off the Pounds l-technology at an alarming rate, destroying traditional workplaces much faster than modern workplaces can be created, and thus leaves the poor in a more desperate and helpless position than ever before. If effective help is to be brought to those who need it most, a technology is required which would range in some intermediate position between the Pounds 1-technology and the Pounds 1,000-technology. Let us call it — again symbolically speaking — a Pounds 100-technology, such an intermediate technology would be immensely more productive than the indigenous technology (which is often in a condition of decay), but it would also be immensely cheaper than the sophisticated, highly capital-intensive technology of modern industry.’- Small is Beautiful