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We are passionate technologist strongly believe in “Small is Beautiful” philosophy of E. F. Schumacher for creating resource efficient appropriate technologies. These appropriate technologies are primarily in the domain of food and agro processing to empower people in rural and semi-urban areas for local wealth and employment creation. We have strong technology foundation with its roots in IIT Bombay, Oxford University UK, UICT, Mumbai and NCL, Pune along with more than three decades of industrial and research experience.

Our inspiration

Mahatma Gandhi:

I have no doubt in my mind that we add to the national wealth if we help the small-scale industries. I have no doubt also that true Swadeshi consists in encouraging and reviving these home industries. It also provides an outlet for the creative faculties and resourcefulness of the people. It can also usefully employ hundreds of youths in the country who are in need of employment. – ‘Village Industries” author M. K. Gandhi

E.F. Schumacher:

Even bigger machines, entailing even bigger concentrations of economic power and exerting ever greater violence against the environment, do not represent progress: they are a denial of wisdom. Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the nonviolent, the elegant and beautiful. – ‘Small is Beautiful’ author E.F. Schumacher

 Prof. A. W Date:

The large percentage of the population living in rural areas, the prime necessity for prosperous agriculture for self-reliance in food, the decreasing land-man ratio in the wake of alarming population growth, the incapacity of the modern industrial sector to augment employment and the continuously declining purchasing power of the rural poor are some of the parameters which indicate that solutions to basic problems of underdevelopment must be found in the country-side. – ‘Understanding Appropriate Technology’ author Prof. A. W. Date

Founder’s Note

‘SARVAAY’ means connected with everything. We develop technology solutions for small scale agro and food processing and promotion of produce from our technology solutions to end-user.

The agro processing is one of the ways to create non-agriculture employment and local wealth creation for rural areas. Many traditional agro processing methods are drudgery intensive, lack of consistent quality and discretion-based operation make it unpopular for educated new generation. The modern agro processioning methods are large scale centralized operations mainly driven by scale of economy leading to high investment.

We work on development of technology solutions which will improve constraints of traditional technologies and adopt features of modern technology at a smaller scale and an affordable investment. In the words of E. F. Schumacher, it is pounds 100 technology.

One of the challenge for small scale agro processing is marketing of its produce. We are ready to assist and support our technology users to promote their produce on mutually agreed terms.

Value Proposition

We develop technology solutions for a small scale agro and food processing and promotion of produce form our technology solutions to end-user. The unique features of our technology solutions are:

1) Use of scientific principle

2) Reduce drudgery

3) Use of automation and control

As a producer (Technology solution user):

Our solution helps you to achieve consistent quality, reduce discretion based decision making, and satisfied operating staff. This will empower your business with hassle free management of produce, process and people.

As an end-user:

We assure you adulteration free and hygienic produce manufactured using our technology solution and trusted producers. This will help you to make better choice for your loved ones.


Dr. Vishal Sardeshpande

  • Farming community background has seen challenges in rural and semi urban areas
  • Alumnus of IIT Bombay & Oxford University and working as adjunct associate professor at Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay
  • Industrial consulting and product development experience in diverse sectors for more than two decades
  • Strong philosophy of empowering people

Dr. Madhavi Sardeshpande

  • Chemical engineer educated in UICT (UDCT) and IIT Bombay
  • DST-woman scientist at NCL, Pune
  • Young Scientist – SERB Fellow, NCL, Pune
  • Developed and implemented solar community cooking solution
  • Empathetic about needs and challenges for society

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